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Ideation & Design

TCI, Inc.’s unparalleled success comes from understanding our end customer - working within the vision of brand designers to help expand their product reach.


We deliver and replenish product to retailers on time, every time, at a suitable price.

We analyze results, listen to customer feedback, work to find the potential of future trends and react quickly to begin the process over again.

Sales & Operations

From our head offices in Montreal, Quebec over 130 associates execute design, sales, production, logistics, operations, customer service and administration.


Our extended Sales & Design teams support from our two sales offices and showrooms in New York City.


Dedicated and longstanding collaboration with suppliers allows TCI to execute our vision with exceptional quality at an affordable price point.


Each of our select manufacturing partners undergo regular and routine audits to ensure rigorous quality testing as required by many of the nation’s largest retailers and our larger licensors, notably Bloomingdale’s, JCP and Macy’s.


Our exceptionally detailed and professional team of quality control staff in Asia who liaise with our North American offices.

Logistics & Distribution


We pledge to provide our clients with a secure supply chain, enhanced value and peace of mind. We continuously deliver peak performance, unyielding loyalty, and unparalleled service.


We cover all levels of distribution, specifically Specialty Stores, Department Stores, E-commerce, Off-price & Mid-Tier Mass