Promoting Health, Creating Wealth & Spreading Wisdom to the Land and the People.

Parish Nation has captured the menswear market with functional, quality-driven, and innovatively designed pieces. Armed with the desire to develop a fresh, multidimensional, “postmodern street” menswear line, Parish Nation has come to embrace and define the spirit of a new generation with its clothing – both in thought and in style.


Parish Nation has not only enjoyed commercial success by becoming an internationally recognized fashion label, but is also seeing the brand’s original mission statement "Health, Wealth and Wisdom," become a reality through a combination of designer voice and inspiration, organic marketing, and community involvement.

The deeply-rooted principles reflected in their mission of spreading “Health, Wealth and Wisdom," has and continues to inspire Parish Nation to set the pace and push the boundaries in men’s fashion. Their outerwear and premium, modern cut denim with signature washes, unique patterns and embroidery have elevated the label’s designs to a level that has yet to be matched or replicated in the marketplace. Because of this Parish Nation is capturing their key demographic with every season and pushing to the forefront of men’s fashion.



Machine is TCI’s in house Brand, which includes subsidiary brands Five by Five, Surplus and Basic Math.


We offer these core products under these labels to our major, full and off price customers.