Hotel Doggy

They say that when you create a brand you should focus on what you love. For us that was easy. We love dogs. And boutique hotels.

We started in a basement in Toronto in 2012. We had a background in the fashion business (albeit the people side of the biz). We also had a dream: to create a fashion brand for dogs that was simple, modern, sophisticated and radiated Canadian cool. It can get chilly in the 6. Since we know a thing or two about Canadian winters, we decided to focus on sweaters and outerwear. In a few short years, we went global.

We realize the idea of creating fashions for dogs is a bit ridiculous. So we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We just love fashion. We view it as an expression of creativity. We also work with a talented crew of designers. So we figured why not have some fun with this? All the pieces we create have style, warmth and curb appeal. But they also have a sense of humour. Canadians are known for that, too. And while we realize it’s un-Canadian to boast, we’re so proud of Hotel Doggy, we’re going to break that rule just this once. Uptown, downtown, any town —if you wear our brand, you’ll be top dog in the ‘hood.